We are women
and we do it all!

We juggle demanding work lives, we take care of our kids and spouses, we help everyone we know with their problems, we plan trips, we help on school projects, we run errands and take the kids to their activities. We don’t delegate and we rarely take a moment for ourselves.


But are we, really?

What’s so super about…

Never taking time to relax?

Feeling exhausted, stressed and guilty?

Fearing judgment and trying to be perfect?

Not having time to cook healthy meals, exercise or see friends?

Not having any hobbies because there’s simply no time?

I help women just like you!

We work together so you can develop a sense of personal awareness and realize you cannot change the people around you, but you can change yourself.

By doing that, you change the responses and expectations of others. Understand that you create your own circumstances and you can definitely change them. You have choices, even if you think you don’t.

Want to feel empowered, less stressed, have more fun and make changes that support the life you want?  I’m Sarah and I’d really like to talk.

Approved TED Practitioner

Approved TED Practitioner


An Interview with Sarah


How long have you been a coach for ambitions women and how did you become an expert in transformation?


It started started with my own transformation over 5 years ago. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed at home and at work and knew something had to change. I worked with a coach and loved how she was helping me so I went to coaching school and started coaching other women who were in a similar situation to my own. What I realized was the steps I had taken to transform my life were the same steps that worked with my clients. From there I created a 5 step process for ambitious women that helps them gain balance and happiness in their lives.


Who are your clients?


If you know a woman who is strong, competent and capable and takes care of everyone and everything but who doesn’t take good care of herself because she doesn’t have time, and she is exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed you know my client. What she doesn't realize is that, just because she can do it all doesn't mean she should.


How are you different from other transformation coaches?


A lot of coaches focus on helping their clients over come a problem or challenge, and this is great if thats what you want. I focus my attention on coaching the person. I help my clients uncover their hidden strengths and superpower so they can transform their lives and create lasting results.


What kind of personality do you work best with?


If you are looking for someone to help you solve a problem or fix someone else I’m not the coach for you. I love to work with women who are ready to face their fears, get vulnerable and do the hard work that it takes to create sustainable results. My clients have the courage it takes to own their success and do the work.


Can I just sign up for one session with you?


No - there are coaches that will offer one session, but the work I do requires at least 3 months of regular contact.


Why do I need you? Can’t I just do this on my own?


I have clients who come to me having read multiple self-help books, they know all kinds of strategies they could be taking to change their lives. The problem with self-help books is they are not there for you when you have to put the knowledge into practice, when fear shows up and you need someone who understands what you’re going through and who can support and guide you so you don't give up.


I’m really busy and overwhelmed, how much work is involved before I get results?


This question makes me smile. All of my clients are busy and overwhelmed, thats why they work with me. My clients will tell you time is not the problem. How quickly you get results depends on how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone and do the work. One of my clients described her result as rewiring her brain, it doesn’t happen over night but the more consistent you are the better results you will get.


I’ve never invested in myself like this before. How can I justify the expense?


I am glad you consider it an investment because that is what working with me is. It’s an investment in you, your wellbeing, your happiness and being the creator of the life you want.


If I’m not quite ready to get started, is there a way I can sample your work?


Yes sign up for my monthly News Letter, I share my blog and activities that will help you get to know how I work.


I have a few questions for you. Can I talk to you on the phone?


Yes absolutely - I offer a, "get acquainted call". This is a 45 minute one-on-one call with me where we can discuss your needs and you can get your questions answered. 


Sarah, I wanted to share with you how coaching has helped me. Prior to coaching, I was a person who always wanted to please others even if it would take me off my path to personal happiness and or carrier goals. As I reflect over this last year I realize coaching has allowed me to identify what my true goals are and happiness has always been within my reach it was my state of mindset that needed to change by setting boundaries and expectations with the people I come in contact with on a daily basis whether its personal or business. Coaching has also helped me to realize that in life we are faced with positive and negative scenarios and my reaction towards those encounters now are the same “it is what it is” I choose how I react and coaching has given me the tools to unshackle myself from the prison I have created and gain freedom. I do have days where I self-doubt or get in a state where I feel “overwhelmed, and targeted”however when this occurs I literally press the pause button and I am able to step outside and view the situation for what it truly is and I am back to a place of happiness. At the end of the day, I now realize I choose to perform at my best due to my own expectations. Not the expectations of others that I programmed myself unconsciously to believe throughout the years.
— Marta T
“Thank YOU for doing what you do! I don’t know if it is the power of suggestion or because we did the monkey mind exercise but I actually fell asleep last night at about 11pm (I haven’t gone to sleep before 4am in about 5 day prior to that!) and slept the entire night through. I never realized there are so many things that I do and don’t do that are blocking me from what I really want my life to be.”
— Kim B
There was a time that I felt that my career had hit a pothole and I was merely putting one foot in front of the other to show up. My eyes were opened to a new possibility when I started working with Sarah Bell. From her coaching, I was able to identify boundaries that had built up frustration and negativity for years. Learning new skills helped me to move forward, viewing challenging people and situations as an experiment. This approach had a very positive effect, making me aware again, that I am a strong, intelligent, and happy woman, despite anything that happens to and around me.
— S.M.
I reached out Sarah to help me figure out my next career move. She helped me identify my personal barriers, the things that were holding me back, and then helped me move past them. Through this process, I changed the way I think and this changed my approach to new challenges. Sarah customized my program to meet my needs and helped me develop the tools that I continue to use. She is personable and compassionate with a sense of humor. The experience of working with Sarah changed my vision of my life giving me a greater understanding of what is important to me, how to achieve what I want in life and how to stay focused.
— J.G.
Whenever I get “stuck” in life, personally or professionally, Sarah is the person that unsticks me. She challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone, yet does it in a very comfortable way. She’s helped me with achieving work/life balance, assisted me in identifying barriers that I didn’t even know I had and helped me to break those down to be the best me that I can be in all areas of my life. She easily recognizes my driving force and uses it to motivate me to become better, achieve my goals, and does it without pressure. She is sensitive and understanding, along with possessing a plethora of tools that she will share that are always amazing and helpful. I’m grateful that she is my coach!
— T.E.
Thank you for my sweeties growth and ambitions - you are the greatest.
— RN
Thank you for all you do to get me through my “whys”.
— GB
I just wanted to express how much working with you has helped me face many challenges professionally and personally. For me your coaching has helped me rewire my brain. Its a way of Life for me now as I continue on my journey of self awareness.
— MT

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