Leadership coaching is at the heart of what I do

Meet Sarah Bell - Leadership Coach

My focus is on helping outstanding nurses become influential and impactful leaders.

Nurses are often recognized as outstanding clinicians who provide excellent patient care, delivering amazing results for their patients and employers. For this, and many other reasons, nurses are frequently promoted to leadership positions. After all, who better to lead a team than someone who knows how to do the job and do it well?

Sadly, many newly promoted nurse managers do not make the impact they – and their employer – had hoped for, resulting in stress for both them and their manager, poor employee retention, and declining clinical and financial outcomes.

Why? What is missing?

The answer to both questions is leadership coaching.

Here's the problem: being an excellent nurse does not mean you will automatically be an outstanding leader. Leadership requires a new set of skills. If you’re overwhelmed, it has nothing to do with your capabilities. It’s because you haven’t been taught leadership skills. The typical path of promoting great nurses and expecting them to be great leaders is causing new managers to fail, and it's not their fault.

Leadership is not about getting people to do what you want, and it's not about knowing how to complete reports. You won't learn leadership in a quality management coaching, excel spreadsheet coaching, or other process-oriented programs. These coaching address the problem of the day and help you better understand the business and its processes, but these coaching don't teach new managers how to become effective, successful, and impactful leaders.

I help nurses make the transition from outstanding nurses to influential and impactful leaders.


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