Laugh: Let the endorphins flow

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I was just listening to my daily Headspace Meditation and he was talking about happiness and how we often look for happiness outside of ourselves. This really resonated with me, I mean seriously how easy is it to think we need to go somewhere or buy something to be happy and that happiness is short lived?

So if happiness is not outside of us it must be inside us! This must mean we can create our own happiness - ta da.

But how?

I did a little research and discovered that laughing can increase happiness?

What! Don’t we need to be happy first before we can laugh? It appears not!

According to Dr Andrew Weil, Laughter Makes You Happy, even fake laughter. It’s like yawning, when one person yawns other people around them start to yawn, when someone starts laughing others around them start laughing too.

Laughter causes the release of endorphins and these little chemicals are responsible for feeling satisfaction, excitement and pleasure.

So - create happiness, laugh and let those endorphins flow.

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