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She will take care of everybody else but doesn’t let anyone take care of her.

She feels embarrassed asking a fellow school mom if her son needs tickets for the family night because she’s mad at herself that she forgot.

She told her boss she could take on that extra project, then went into the bathroom to cry, knowing she just added tons of stress to her week.

Sound like someone you know?

Sound like you?

As women, we try to do it all. We say yes to everything. We don’t delegate. We feel bad if we aren’t super mom, super wife, super worker, super friend.

It’s impossible to be super at everything.

Embrace the messiness of life and don’t feel so isolated.

Everyone is going through the same stuff you are!

Deep down, most people are really good and want to help.

Next time you’re under the weather and grandma/best friend/aunt/uncle/dad offers to sit with the kids, take them up on that offer. You’ll feel a lot more super after that day of rest.

Next time you need to vent about something that happened at school, chat with some of the other moms at carpool. I bet you’ll realize they experience the same frustrations.

Next time your boss asks if you can do something and you know you can’t, simply tell them you will need extra time or extra support to complete it. Your boss will be thankful you were honest and you won’t have to spend your lunch hour in the ladies room.

Ask for help and embrace the good and the bad days.

Take me for example...

Some days, I look like I have it all together. My hair is done perfectly, make-up is on point, the outfit is trendy. But if you look inside my brain, you’ll see that all I’m thinking about is how I forgot my lunch in the fridge and how I’m starving and how I feel bad for the lack of patience I had with my son that morning.

I can keep this all in and feel negative and icky all day OR I can talk to someone. My coach, my friend, my co-worker and we can laugh together and support one another.

When you are vulnerable, people see you as human. A great book to read on this topic is “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown.

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