How Strong Leaders Navigate Disruption

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Our world is going through disruption. How can strong leaders navigate disruption? It's easy to get caught up in the drama and get distracted. Strong leaders know how to navigate these situations. They stay focused and help their teams and businesses thrive.

People will focus on something and talk about it. Strong leaders understand this. They use it to their advantage by purposefully directing focus.

They provide an anchor

The first thing a strong leader does is connect their team to an anchor. They align the team with the company mission. They re-establish that the team has a purpose and what that purpose is. They instill a sense of hope by engaging the team in discussions about what is possible. They start conversations about what is important. They focus on what matters and, what they can do to support the business and customers.

Strong leaders don't ignore challenges. They understand them and ask their teams for suggestions on how to overcome them. They know they don't have all the answers themselves and people are more invested when the idea is their own.

They provide realistic direction

A strong leader will keep people focused on the outcomes they are striving for. They are realistic with direction and expectations. This instills a sense of hope and possibility. They are flexible, willing to change direction when necessary. They take reasonable risks and will try something new.

A strong leader encourages the team to stay focused on delivering value. This keeps people from getting distracted by costly, energy-draining, time-consuming drama.

The creative mindset

It is easy to be reactive during a disruption. Its how our brains work, it's key to survival. The flight, fight, and freeze response is only helpful when you’re in imminent danger. It can generate fear and scarcity mindset. This can be an obstacle to seeing new opportunities. A strong leader understands this. They don't expect the team to do more with less. They encourage them to come up with new efficient ways of doing the work.

Disruption happens. As a leader, you have a choice on how you manage yourself and others through these challenging times. You can get distracted by the drama or you can choose to stay focused on opportunity and possibility. Some companies have thrived through disruption in the past, Target for example. Click now and find out how Target and other companies thrived through disruption.