Letting go of resistance

So here I am again writing my blog and yet again I find myself going through a process before I finally sit down to write.

Does this resonate with anyone else?

I know it’s time to do something, this is something I want to do but I do this helicopter thing where I circle around thinking about it, looking at it, but just not doing it. Then I clean my desk, my office and sometimes the kitchen.

I procrastinate - but why?

Then I finally sit down and do what I set out to do. I could have actually finished by the time I get started.

Psychology Today site 5 Common Reasons We Procrastinate;

  1. Absence of structure.

  2. Unpleasant Tasks.

  3. Timing.

  4. Anxiety.

  5. Self-Confidence.

I can see how all of these can apply to me depending on the task ahead of me. When it comes to writing my blog though, I believe it’s Self-Confidence and this goes back to when I was in elementary school. Before I started school I thought I was really good at reading and writing, like really good, I mean the best. Then I went to school I discovered that I was slow, very slow. I couldn’t keep up with the class and was always behind. From that point on I developed all kinds of avoidance strategies when it came to reading and writing and these became habits that I was no longer aware of.

Awareness is powerful, with this moment of clarity I began the process of creating a new habit around writing, and I do know how to change a habit. I always follow the process described by Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit, in which he describes the 3 steps in the habit loop.

  1. A cue.

  2. A routine.

  3. A reward.

The secret to changing a habit or a creating a new one is to change the routine.

The cue happens automatically, I need or want to read or write something and my brain reminds me it will be hard. The routine that follows is to do something, like cleaning my office, that will help me feel accomplished, this feeling of accomplishment is the reward.

So now when my brain tells me writing my blog will be hard, instead of cleaning my office I am committed to writing one sentence, just getting this one sentence written helps me get started and before I know it I’m writing my blog and feeling accomplished.

Not being good enough to write was a self-limiting belief for me that with awareness I have been able to overcome. If you think you might have a self-limiting belief blocking your progress I would love to help you, just click this link to my website and schedule a complimentary “get acquainted call”.