You created what you have, let's create what you want!

How familiar are you with the proverb, “be careful of what you think because your thoughts run your life.”?

If this is true then it must also be true that you can use your thoughts or your mind to create what you want.

First though, you need to know what it is that you do want. You might be inclined to jump on the first thing that pops into your mind, the thing that you have been wishing for for quite some time. e.g. a new car, a new job, a new or better relationship with someone. This is fine, however what I have come to realize through my time as a coach is that quite often when that thing is realized the happiness is short lived. This happens because we have not gotten to the reason we really wanted it.

Having things isn’t what creates long term feelings of contentment, accomplishment, satisfaction etc. Being who want to be and aligning what we do and have with this person is much more rewarding. The problem with this is it can be difficult to to allow yourself to create this person in your mind because your thoughts get in the way.

Your inner critic loves to keep you small. It will come up with reasons why you cannot become that person. It will remind you of all of your so called short comings, failures, lack of talent, it will remind you who you should be. If you listen to this voice and head its warnings you will stay stuck.

Every thought you have creates a feeling or emotion and a subsequent action and result. Download the Energetic Self Perception Chart© and see if you can identify what types feelings and subsequent actions your thoughts are creating.

Your mind is a powerful tool, left to its own devices it is going to run your life. To create the life you want you must manage your mind and create thoughts that will lead to the feelings and actions that will support your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get beyond your inner critic and into your creator mindset;

  • What if I can do it, what does that look like?

  • What gifts and talents do I have?

  • If I didn’t feel guilty what would I do?

  • What did I love to do as a child?

There is a wonderful tool, based on the Energetic Self Perception Chart©, that helped me to learn how to do this, that I now use with my clients. It is an assessment that shows you which thoughts are keeping you stuck and what kind of thoughts will help you create the person and life you will love.

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