The Exercise You Need To Do Today To Get UN-stuck

I did it.


I saw the ad pop up on Facebook.



The timing was scary good.


I clicked on it.


I watched a webinar.

I did a 1:1 session.

I ended up buying a new program.


I wasn’t planning on doing that. I didn’t budget this investment three months ago. I didn’t even really know I needed it. But I realized, I’d been stuck on something for a long time, and THIS was the answer for which I’d been looking. The frustration finally took over and clicking on that BUY NOW button, felt a lot less scary and a lot more necessary.



I didn’t have the skills or knowledge that I needed to get over this problem and I was ready to ask for help and support.



Something is blocking you from moving forward right now. I see it with my private clients all the time. The below exercise is going to help you get unstuck by asking yourself a few simple questions.



What is stopping me?


Identify the problem. You can’t do anything until you realize where you are stuck. It might be with marketing, finances, time management, etc.


What will solving this problem do for me?


Focus on the result from figuring it out, not the problem itself. When you focus on the positive outcome, the stress of the problem melts away and instead you begin to look for solutions.


If something needs to be done, can I do it?

Ask yourself if this a skill you have or can acquire. If it’s a skill you can acquire and want to, start looking into your options. Do a Google search and start reading blogs and articles to direct you on the right path. The answers are often easier to find than you think.


If the answer is no, then ask yourself these questions:



Do I know someone who can help me?



Is there someone in your existing network to which you can reach out? If not, use the tremendous resources in front of you. Go on Facebook and ask for recommendations, speak with your friends and family or do your own research online. Find the support and get it.


The best advice is really to just ask.


The world is made up of millions of people wanting to help other people.


If you aren't sure if you are the right person for the job or if it’s time to hire support or invest in training, let’s talk. I’m offering complimentary, 25 minute stress buster sessions and we can talk about what’s stopping you right now. Book your time slot today.