The two things you do to halt your fitness journey!

I've been on vacation, up in the mountains, enjoying time with my family and it got me thinking about the good old fitness routine and how some people just seem to nail it. You know what I'm talking about - people on your newsfeed, posting a status or a photo or writing blogs or posting videos about fitness and you wonder how the hell they stay on track. They are running on the beach or walking on their lunch break and you find yourself doing two things that you absolutely should not do! And those two things are keeping you from rocking your own personal, fitness journey.


1. You compare.

2. You look at the end goal first.


Let's talk comparison. When you see super active and fit people, you tend to get intimidated. Your mind tells you...


You will never look like them.

You can't pull off that cool workout gear.

You can't afford that cool workout gear.

You don't have the time or dedication.

They are so far ahead of you, you might as well not even try.


The truth is, those people you are admiring and fawning over, couldn’t give a shit. They are focused on their own fitness and reaching their goals.


It doesn't matter what you wear to the gym. Just maybe not jeans...


But honestly, just get into something that makes you feel comfortable, bring music that takes you to a happy place and start. Get on the treadmill and walk. Take a group class and dance. Whatever feels right for you. And your fitness can and should look totally different than everyone else's. If you want to take a week off for vacation, do it. If you want to work out three days a week, that's fine.


The second thing you do is worry about getting from where you are to where you want to be, instead of focusing on the now. It's great to have a vision, but don't let the gap prevent you from starting.


The gap is a scary place to live.


If fitness is on your mind these days, start small. If the gym isn't the place you want to be, get outside and start walking. Park further away at the mall. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.


I just watched a hilarious YouTube video from SuzelleDIY and she said to walk a dog and if you don't have a dog, borrow a friend's dog. The options are endless.



That internal dialogue that always has a reason why you can't do something is annoying. Tell it off! For instance, right now, I'm away. I'm in a higher altitude and I find I am getting out of breath a lot easier and can't work out the same way I do back home in Texas. So I am just walking, instead of running. I am enjoying the scenery. I'm realizing it's fine if I stray from my normal routine. Life is happening.



Give yourself a break. Something is better than nothing.



If you like following advice, and a personal trainer isn't in the budget right now, I suggest the app: Couch Potato to Running a 5k. I personally used it and it got me from not running at all to completing a 5k with confidence.



It helps you progress with baby steps, which are so important.



I also found an amazing gym in Orange Theory Fitness. You work with a trainer, but with a group of people all at the same time. You never know what the workout is going to be, so you can't avoid a day you don't like. It's all about your heart rate and it's an extremely supportive environment. No judgement. Find the gym or exercise that speaks to you.



You can totally do this!



If you want to talk more about motivation and mindset around fitness, schedule a complimentary planning session with me. Don't forget to download the Free COR.E Wellbeing Mastery Blueprint right here from my website.