Your Thoughts Are Not Reality

I walk my dog every morning. It’s supposed to be a peaceful and quiet start to my day, a time when I switch off all my thoughts and live in the moment. Now, if someone could please explain that to my brain, that would be great. This is literally how my walk went the other day…


It was a beautiful morning. I was walking along the street, looking up at the trees and feeling the breeze in my hair, when BAM! Thought attack.


Enter, (excuse my language) a crazy s*** storm of worry my mind started creating.


I had an upcoming presentation I was going to give and I was thinking about going over the slides when I got home. Then, I started thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Or as my mind was saying, would DEFINITELY go wrong.


My slides weren’t going to move fast enough, there was too much text, the wrong image, a typo, I was talking too much, people were getting bored, people thought I had no clue what I was talking about. I’d never be invited back. I had failed completely. 


My heart rate increased about 40 beats in 30 seconds and it was NOT from the walk. My mind had planted a giant stress weed in my head, totally ruining my walk and causing me to doubt myself. 


I actually took an event that hadn’t even occurred yet and blew a negative cloud of smoke around it, with the power of my own mind. 


I quickly refocused and pulled that stress weed right out! 


We are all victims of the anxious thoughts. Whether it’s something in the future…


“I know I’m going to fall on my face in those heels I bought for that wedding. Stupid me!”


Or the past…


“I hope that video of me dancing at that other wedding never surfaces. Stupid me!”


It could be something that happened 20 years ago, yet put that thought back into our minds and we start to create scenarios and build fear around something that will most likely NEVER happen. 


When this happens to you, here are a few steps to try:

1. Tell you brain to shut up.

2. Let it go.

3. Focus on the right here, right now moment.


If those steps don’t work, go to this one:


4. Maybe this terrible thing will actually happen. OK, take yourself there. Let’s say the video did surface or the presentation did flop. What would you do? Create a response plan. Even though it’s very rare that this scenario will play out as you imagined, having a plan of what you would do, can help.


Most people in this world are out to support us and send us love! They want to see us succeed. We tend to focus on the haters and the trolls, the people that pop up in our social media comments spewing out hate and negativity. 


Don’t waste your time on the negative. Share positivity and it comes back to you. 


If you want to discuss getting over these thoughts in more detail, schedule a complimentary planning session with me.


And for a great additional resource, I am personally reading a super powerful book by Eckhart Tolle titled “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.”

It explores the concept that we are not our minds; it’s merely a tool. 


This is such an important reminder. As we discussed last month, we create stories that aren’t real, when in reality, we have the power to rewrite those stories and change our lives.