Your story is not set in stone

Our story becomes our truth. 

That’s a really powerful sentence and it deserves to be explored.

What we believe about ourselves, what we’ve decided is the ultimate truth, shapes our decisions and how we approach opportunities and success.

I heard these words from a client recently…

My parents were never there to support me.
I never got to do the fun things my friends were doing.
No one gave me permission to follow my dreams. 

So, now when I think about attempting to live those dreams, I can’t. 
I can’t do it. That is for other people.
I need to stay home and take care of everyone else. 

This client’s childhood wrote her story for her. She felt unable to accomplish the amazing things she wanted in life, because she was still waiting for someone to rescue her, waiting on that hero. She was waiting for validation, for someone to tell her how to get to that next level, to give her permission to live. 

All she needed to do was look inside. She was that person all along. 

Your story is not set in stone. 
You can edit it anytime and over time. 

Another client…

I have to take care of everything so it’s done right the first time.
No one is going to work like I am, so delegation is not possible.
I don’t need anyone to support me.

Now my to do list is out of control and I can’t handle it. 
I guess I’ll suffer through because there is no other way.

This client was so used to being in control and taking the lead, she wasn’t able to accept support anymore. She felt if she didn’t handle the task, it wouldn’t get done correctly. Fear took over. 

All she needed to do was ask for help, take it and realize she was not alone. 

Are you waiting for someone to rescue you?
Do you even realize if you are?

We are all born with a blank sheet of paper. 
We are limitless; we don’t even know limits exist. 

Other people’s perceptions become our truth and self-limiting beliefs are born. 

You are not a victim in your own story. You are the hero! 
Rewrite it. 

Start with these questions:
What am I struggling with?
Is this the universal truth or is this my truth? 
When did I first start telling myself this story? Why? 
If I created this story to help me cope with circumstances in the past, how can I rewrite it to empower myself today?
What are the three biggest and best changes in my new story? 

Look at what you’ve just created.  

Do you want it?
What if this was reality?
How would your life be different? 

If you want to work through the questions above and get clear on the story you know and the story you want, schedule a complimentary planning session with me

This is step one to changing your life. 
I’m here when you are ready.