You can’t pour from an empty vessel

When we constantly put the needs of others ahead of taking care of ourselves, we end up taking on too much and becoming completely overwhelmed. This can lead to stress, illness, resentment, and even damaged relationships.

Putting yourself first is not only helpful for you; it’s helpful for those around you. If you are in a better headspace, you are a better wife, mom, friend, colleague, exercise partner, etc. Positivity is infectious.

I used to rush home from work to get to the daycare center and pick up my son. I was frazzled and tired from the day and I realized, this was the not the best scenario for my son, who was really excited to see his mom. I started going home after work and sitting down for a few minutes and enjoying a cup of coffee before heading to the daycare. My energy increased and my son had a happy and more relaxed mom at pick-up!

Simple and small changes can make a world of difference. Here are three tips to try this week:

Schedule 30 minutes each day to do something for yourself.

Sit down and have a hot cup of coffee or tea, meditate, go for a walk in your neighborhood, start that book you’ve been meaning to read. 30 minutes might not seem like a long time, but it’s a start, and you’ll really look forward to the planned break. It will change your entire mood.

Plan ahead for healthy meals to make sure you eat at appropriate times.

Ask your social media networks for great recipes, look online for quick and healthy dinners, or pull out those recipe books you have stored in the cupboard and try something new. If you can freeze meals in advance, that’s even better. By doing the bulk of the cooking and planning on one day, the stress of figuring out dinner for seven seems a little less discouraging.

Set an alarm to go off once, every hour, and when it does, spend the next one-minute doing nothing. Just focus on your breathing.

One minute can clear our heads a lot better than we imagine. And if we do this throughout the day, it’s a way for our bodies to take that small, but much needed short rest.

Let me know if you try any of these and share your results. If you want to talk about a plan for your ongoing wellness, just contact me right here.

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