Learn to Love the Mess

When others help you do something and they don't get it right or don’t do it how you would do it, recognize they are showing you love. Learn to love the mess. They are trying to help you and if you show appreciation, you are returning the love and they will want to help more.

I used to go on a lot of business trips and always left detailed information for my husband. Do the laundry this way, cook this meal, make sure our son does this and that, etc. He said one day, “Trust me! Even if I don’t do things exactly the way you planned, I promise they will get done and everything will be just fine.”

He was completely right. It didn’t matter how he handled the household when I was gone. I didn’t need to worry. He had it covered! And it felt good knowing I had that support and love.

When you find yourself in a similar situation:

1. Recognize what someone has done for you, and the intent, rather than what was wrong.

If your spouse doesn’t load the dishwasher exactly as you do, does it really matter?
If the garbage bags get taken out at the last minute, instead of the night before, is it a big deal? No! The work was still done and you had help.

2. Answer this question: What if other people could do things better than me? What would I ask others to do and what would I keep doing because I enjoy it?

Does your daughter or son love to cook? They could help with dinner. Does your older child like driving their younger sibling to their activities? Let them help you.

3. Make a list of small things that someone else could easily do, maybe things you do because they don't take long. Then start asking others to do them.

Can your spouse put the coffee on in the morning? Can your parent pick up your child from daycare one day a week?

Delegate and take some stress away! If you need help in this area of your life, let’s talk.

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