What Are You Resisting? It Might Be What You Need.

You know that thing that everyone keeps telling you to do? Maybe it’s take a class or meet with a support group or get a business coach. And you keep saying NO, you keep resisting. 


Is it perhaps the thing you need the most?

For me, people kept telling me to journal. Even as far back as in nursing school, my teachers told me that a reflective journal would help me learn. I knew that I’d rather go to the pub and have a beer. 

Journaling?! I’m not going to do that. 

How many times has that sentence come out of your mouth, too?

But it kept coming up over the years and I finally broke down and thought I’d give writing a try.

And it had a very different effect than I imagined. It was really eye-opening and brought new insight to my life. 

It was actually really helpful and that was a little shocking to me. 

This thing that I had resisted for so long, was something I was missing in my life. 

It didn’t have to be a novel. It was a paragraph here or a page there. My brain was going through a data dump of sorts and it was allowing my thoughts to flow freely without judgment. The energy was coming right through the tip of my pen. My awareness changed drastically.

I suggest journaling to everyone now. Isn’t that funny? And pen to paper is more beneficial, in my opinion, than downloading a journaling app. There is some sort of enhanced brain connection. 

It might not be journaling for you. 

What are you resisting right now? Why?
What is everyone telling you to do? Why?
Do you need to try this? 
How can you start?

Focus on the result, not the actual action. 

If I thought about only writing, I’d be annoyed that I had another thing on my list. But, if I focused on what it would do for me, I’d realize it was a needed thing on that list. 

Journaling helps clear the mind.
Taking time off helps us from becoming burned out.
Having the tough conversation with a co-worker helps our long-term happiness. 

The thing we are resisting is the thing that might make all the difference, if only we try. 

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