Recognize this and change how you respond forever

When someone pisses you off, you get all the feels. For me, my throat gets really tight and my words come out all wobbly. You may get red in the face, start to sweat, or grit your teeth.

When a stressful situation or even a happy one triggers us, signs pop up in our body.

We see someone we love and we get butterflies.
We listen to fantastic music and we get goosebumps.  
We get reprimanded at work and our heart starts racing.


This is us feeling our emotions, yes, we feel them physically!

When I coach people, I often ask them how they feel their emotions and they say they don’t. But when we work together to recognize the physical symptoms of being triggered, they realize they do feel their emotions and that there are ways to control their response once they identify what’s going on.


After a negative event happens or as it’s occurring:


  1. Look for physical symptoms that alert you you’ve been triggered

  2. Recognize it and intervene

  3. Remove yourself from the situation

  4. Breathe deeply, go for a walk, exercise, call a friend

  5. Allow the initial reaction (anger, frustration, fear) to dissipate and thoughts to become more clear

  6. Respond with the new mindset


This is all about shifting your emotions or they stay inside your body and you can’t respond properly. You can only react.

Remember when Shrek said, “Ogres are like onions.” Well, we are like onions, too, layers and layers of guilt, sadness, fear, happiness, etc.

We need to work through and peel back before taking action or we risk losing our temper or saying something we regret.


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