We are women
and we do it all!

We juggle demanding work lives, we take care of our kids and spouses, we help everyone we know with their problems, we plan trips, we help on school projects, we run errands and take the kids to their activities. We don’t delegate and we rarely take a moment for ourselves.


But are we, really?

What’s so super about…

Never taking time to relax?

Feeling exhausted, stressed and guilty?

Fearing judgment and trying to be perfect?

Not having time to cook healthy meals, exercise or see friends?

Not having any hobbies because there’s simply no time?

I help women just like you!

We work together so you can develop a sense of personal awareness and realize you cannot change the people around you, but you can change yourself.

By doing that, you change the responses and expectations of others. Understand that you create your own circumstances and you can definitely change them. You have choices, even if you think you don’t.

Want to feel empowered, less stressed, have more fun and make changes that support the life you want?  I’m Sarah and I’d really like to talk.


Hi. I'm Sarah!

I grew up in a small market town in Wales, UK and began working as a nursing assistant at age 18. I knew healthcare was my path and a career I really desired. I became a nurse, working in the field of nephrology, and fell in love with both patient interaction and working with other nurses. I eventually joined a large dialysis organization as a Training and Education Manager and transitioned from the UK to the USA. My career progressed and after several promotions, I became Vice President of Education for a large dialysis organization.

Healthcare tends to be a stressful career at times with nurses working long hours and feeling fatigue and burnout. I witnessed too many great nurses leave the profession and I knew I wanted to act in a support role and help these nurses grow and love their jobs, while at the same time enjoying their personal life.

But first, I had to figure out how to do that in my own life! I was constantly running on low energy after arriving home from business trips and when my young son at the time wanted to play, I wanted to rest. I had a sudden, and scary, realization that unless I did something different, this was going to be my life for the foreseeable future.

I sought out a career coach and developed a love for coaching. I was amazed by how my coach helped me discover who I was, uncover strengths I never knew I had and helped me figure out my own pathway to success. It was refreshing and empowering. After my coaching experience, I can confidently say that I have a great salary, a job I love with good hours, my relationships are better at work and at home and I have a social life. I really can have it all and so can you.

I was given the opportunity to utilize my coaching skills and demonstrate the benefits of coaching for Clinical Managers (RN Leaders). And I still coach in this capacity today!

Now, I’ve added a level to my coaching, to help women in all professions work on their wellness, relationships and work/life balance.

A little about me: We made the move to Texas in 2002 and I became a US Citizen in 2014. I’m married and have a 10-year son; yes I’m a soccer mom! We have a Chiweenie puppy and I work full-time, so I understand the busy that goes along with ‘mom’ life. We love the outdoors: hiking, cycling, skiing and one of my passions is running a monthly circle meeting for Plaid for Women, an organization that supports women in all aspects of life.

Let's chat to see how I can help you find balance in your life.

There was a time that I felt that my career had hit a pothole and I was merely putting one foot in front of the other to show up. My eyes were opened to a new possibility when I started working with Sarah Bell. From her coaching, I was able to identify boundaries that had built up frustration and negativity for years. Learning new skills helped me to move forward, viewing challenging people and situations as an experiment. This approach had a very positive effect, making me aware again, that I am a strong, intelligent, and happy woman, despite anything that happens to and around me.
— S.M.
I reached out Sarah to help me figure out my next career move. She helped me identify my personal barriers, the things that were holding me back, and then helped me move past them. Through this process, I changed the way I think and this changed my approach to new challenges. Sarah customized my program to meet my needs and helped me develop the tools that I continue to use. She is personable and compassionate with a sense of humor. The experience of working with Sarah changed my vision of my life giving me a greater understanding of what is important to me, how to achieve what I want in life and how to stay focused.
— J.G.
Whenever I get “stuck” in life, personally or professionally, Sarah is the person that unsticks me. She challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone, yet does it in a very comfortable way. She’s helped me with achieving work/life balance, assisted me in identifying barriers that I didn’t even know I had and helped me to break those down to be the best me that I can be in all areas of my life. She easily recognizes my driving force and uses it to motivate me to become better, achieve my goals, and does it without pressure. She is sensitive and understanding, along with possessing a plethora of tools that she will share that are always amazing and helpful. I’m grateful that she is my coach!
— T.E.
Thank you for my sweeties growth and ambitions - you are the greatest.
— RN
Thank you for all you do to get me through my “whys”.
— GB

Coaching Services

You don’t have to stop being the caring, supportive, helpful woman you are today, but a few changes help you do this in a different and better way.

Coaching services are available in-person, virtually or over the phone. You are in the driver’s seat. Coaching is customized to meet your situation.

We talk about what you want to talk about and determine actions to work through and improve the quality of your life. And I know adding one more thing to your plate sounds crazy, but it’s this easy.


Level 1

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Stress Busting Strategies for Women

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Level 2

ELI Assessment.

A one of a kind assessment and personal debrief.



Level 3

12 Week Stress to Busting Program

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Let's Get Acquainted

If you are ready for a change but don't know how to start, I can help;

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During the session I will;

  1. Help you gain clarity around what is really causing you stress - It might not be what you think it is!
  2. Help you identify what first step to take to start reducing your stress.

The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With Just One Step - Lao Tzu

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